Why Join Us?

VB-00016999-001Every day we are bombarded with emails from numerous websites promising to increase our bookings for a small listing fee.  But if that website is not specifically targeted to our customers then it doesn’t matter how small the listing fee is – it’s still money wasted.  The Cottage Cooperative websites are browsed only by guests looking for self-catering holiday accommodation, full stop.

Our websites provide an incredibly good value ‘one-stop-shop’ for all of your online advertising – increasing your enquiries whilst also saving you time and money.

Our research has shown that website names (‘domain names’) relevant to searches made; further text written on the websites relevant to searches made; a high quality website; and a strong network of relevant links that include the location, all increase the chance of a website being highly ranked.

We have registered the domain names relevant to searches made (with sub-pages directly targeted at your individual region); we had the websites created by a web design company skilled in writing the ‘behind the scenes’ text (html) relevant to searches.

VB-00026578-001The more holiday cottages that are listed on our websites, the stronger the link network becomes and the higher your own website is ranked on search engines.

So not only should each website you are listed on generate more enquiries for you, each listing you make should also gradually increase the ranking of your own website so that you receive more direct enquiries too.

In an ideal world we’d like to offer free listings, but have to charge the small listing fees to pay for administration, design, maintenance, support, and hosting of the websites.

Interested? To join us, all you need to do is decide which websites you’d like to list on then click advertising rates and follow the instructions or contact us and we’ll create them for you.