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Banner Advertising

Banner adverts cost from just £45 for a whole year and have the following benefits:

  • Banner adverts may only be booked by individual cottage businesses.  We do not accept advertising from letting agencies.
  • There are no hidden extras – price includes artwork (all you have to do is send us an image and some text) with no VAT to pay.
  • There are a maximum of four banner adverts on each website, each set to rotate every 10 seconds to ensure maximum exposure for your business.
  • Side adverts appear on the search results page for the location of your cottage(s) – these are a great way for individual cottage owners to target guests looking for a cottage in your area and are very cost effective.
  • You can be assured that everyone clicking through to your website is actively looking for a holiday cottage.
  • Banner adverts compare extremely favourably with pay-per-click advertising.
  • The more of our websites on which you advertise, the lower the rates become and  the more cost-effective you click-throughs become.
  • Every website is entirely separate so each banner advert provides another relevant links in to your website to help boost your own search engine rank.
  • Rates for 12 months are as follows:


HEADER BANNER £95 £65 £45
(Rate is per location
- e.g. Northumberland)